Excavation Services

We have a 1.5 Tonne excavator which comes with a 3 tonne hydraulic tipping trailer; Attachments include 3 buckets, grab, auger drive and three augers plus a three metre hydraulic levelling blade. We also have a 150mm trenching attachment for fast trenching in softer soils.

Services include: driveways, landscaping, shed, slab or tank pads, trenching, post hole boring and burials.

For larger jobs, our 15 Tonne excavator comes with three digging buckets 450mm, 600mm and 900mm. 1500mm hydraulic tilting bucket. We also have a specialty bucket for hydraulically screening material which is perfect for top soil or road base. Some of the services we provide with this machine are Dam desilting, shed or house pads, septic tank holes, trenching landscaping and material sorting.

Our 15 Tonne machine on one of our many property dam de-silts, This particular dam took 2,5 hours to complete.

This machine comes with a tilting quick hitch, 3 different dig or trenching buckets and a hydraulic screening bucket which is great for sorting larger rocks from road base.

Our 1.5 Tonne excavator has had a recent overhaul and is ready for work, also comes with many attachments including a 150mm trenching attachment.

We can deliver and take away material from tight access areas with our in house designed and fabricated tipping plant trailer.