Mine Site Maintenance Equipment Service & Sales

Our unique Mine site and quarry maintenance auxiliary equipment service covers inspection, reporting, service and repairs of both your Workshop and field service auxiliary equipment. This ensures high availability and reliability of your maintenance auxiliary equipment which translates into higher availability of your production equipment whilst increasing utilisation of your skilled workforce allowing them to work on production equipment. We ensure a predictable cost base, time frame and service quality which is faster, more efficient and transparent. lower risk due to highly maintained, safer equipment.

We also offer sales and hire of equipment allowing us to be your one stop shop for all your Maintenance auxiliary equipment, both workshop and field service.

Our complete maintenance service package, sales and hire include the following:


  • Oil trolley
  • Coolant trolley
  • Welder trolleys
  • Hydraulic power packs
  • Battery trolley/charger
  • Belly guard jacks
  • Oxy/Lpg  trolleys
  • Oil recovery tank or trolley
  • Pressure cleaner trolley
  • Jacks jack/stands and stands
  • Chain/lift equip trolley
  • Nitrogen charge station

Field Service

  • Oil trailer
  • Coolant trailer
  • Generator/welder trailers (combo)
  • Hydraulic power packs
  • Air compressor trailer
  • Mobile workshop
  • Tool trailers
  • Mobile crib rooms
  • Minor plant
  • Plant trailers
  • Pressure cleaner trailer